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At the heart of Wellspring Guild is a coalition of communicators, families and professionals, facilitators and trainers dedicated to Best Practice of Facilitated Communication Training (FCT.) Those who are interested in training others to use the method, either as a coach, trainer or master trainer, need to enter membership with the Guild as a facilitator. The Guild is of the firm belief that in order to effectively support others to learn the method, one must experience it directly and combine that experience with knowledge and understanding of the foundational concepts. Those members who are interested in becoming a coach or trainer must apply separately from membership registration. Facilitators are encouraged to consider becoming a coach or trainer, meeting the requirements at the application level, and working toward the level of accreditation. Details of this process is available to members. The training network specifies whether the person is a coach, trainer or master trainer and indicates if the person is at the application level or accredited level. This along with their profile and contact information should help you find the right person to meet your training needs.

Marilyn Chadwick
Location: Syracuse, NY

Pascal Cheng
Location: Burlington, VT

Harvey Lavoy
Email: HarveyL@WCMHS.ORG
Location: VT

Darlene Hanson
Location: Santa Fe Springs, CA

Tracy Thresher
Location: VT

Angie Sylas
Location: Boone, NC

Morgan Tyner
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Become a Member

Becoming a member is easy.

  • Fill out the form, and
  • Make payment.

Be sure on the form that you indicate if you are general member, communicator or facilitator. If you are interested in the training programs, you need to register as a facilitator.

All members are asked to pledge their dedication to the use of Best Practice of FCT.

Becoming a member gives you access to the member level of the website. This includes the member network, webinars taught by master trainers, an ability to participate in trainings as a learner as well as a presenter, and consistent support to work toward accreditation as a coach or trainer. Questions? Please contact us.


General Member

Wellspring Guild is open to all who are supportive of individuals who type to communicate. This can include family members, friends, advocates or general supporters. Being supportive means directly supporting a communicator, participating in interactions with a communicator, acknowledging the typed outcome of the individual’s communication, or advocating for an individual and their communication.



These are individuals who type to communicate, using various levels of support, a variety of tools and equipment, and across a range of life situations.



Facilitators are individuals who provide the full complement of support as described in the guidelines of Best Practice, and adheres to the principles of Best Practice with regard to fading and use of minimum level of effective support.


What is Facilitated Communication Training?

Facilitated Communication Training is a strategy within the methods of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) whereby a person, often referred to as a ‘facilitator,’ provides a system of supports in order to enable more effective pointing to targets for communication. The system of supports includes physical touch as well as communicative and emotional support. The long term goal for use of the method is the highest degree of independence possible for that individual.

Who can become a member?

There are two membership levels: general membership and membership to become a coach, trainer or master trainer. Anyone who is involved in or supportive of the use of FCT can become a general member. Those who are interested in becoming a coach, trainer or master trainer must first become a general member as a facilitator and then make application to enter the training program.

What are the steps to becoming a Coach or Trainer?

The first step is to become a member as a facilitator. This means that you need to be actively involved in using the method with an individual. Ideally you have the experience of working with more than one individual. You then need to apply to the training program, specifying your intention to be either a coach or a trainer. There is a separate application fee for the entering the training program. You do not have to be a coach before you work to become a trainer. However, many of the skills of the trainer are those of the coach. You can begin with developing your skills as a coach and as a second stage, work toward becoming a trainer. The level of master trainer is available only to those who have achieved the skills as a trainer.

How is it different from other AAC methods?

Traditional AAC works with an independent means of access, and sometimes individuals require additional supports in order to organize their motor systems. Facilitated Communication is a strategy that looks to provide the least amount of organizational support needed for effective communication, build communication, and fade the needed supports. This is different for each individual. So FC uses AAC but adds an additional element.

Do all people who use FCT spell to communicate?

No. The purpose of using FCT is to promote more effective motor planning and interrupt motor planning difficulties that make it difficult for a person to express their ideas. This can be achieved in a number of ways, including pointing to objects, photographs, pictures and whole words. Both ‘low tech’ and ‘high tech’ equipment are used in applying the method.

Hello fellow communication partners. I have been trying to get organized with regular blogs and it is a goal to involve you all in the work we are doing. I invite you to check out the blog link to read more and comments are welcome.

About Tracy Thresher

Tracy Thresher is an advocate for people with disabilities. He lives and works in Barre, Vermont. In 1990, Tracy was one of the first individuals with autism at his service agency, Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS), to be introduced to typing as a means...

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Tracy’s Advocacy Work

Tracy focuses on advocacy work in a variety of ways. He consults with local schools, is a member of the Vermont Statewide Communication Task Force, and does ongoing work with Green Mountain Self-Advocates (GMSA) of Montpelier, Vermont. Now an employee of WCMHS,...

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Wellspring Guild is a 501(c)(3) membership organization, with an annual fee, that is open to all who use and/or are supportive of individuals who type to communicate. As a 501(c)(3) dedicated to building sustainability in the understanding and application of Facilitated Communication Training, we invite those interested to join this national community to benefit people with communication needs through training and networking.